Amusing misheard kid stuff


An old one I came across in cleaning up my gazillions of email folders which I am attempting to clean up… (from 05/05)

Driving home from preschool we drive past a park that, while it’s a perfectly lovely park, as far as I can tell it was designed by a planning committe which did not include any parents! It’s a very narrow park between two busy roads with no fences and walkways (or paved escape routes) from all the play areas.

So DS1 asks if we can please stop at the park. I say no, he cranks it up a notch to pestering so I explain that I just can’t go to that park by myself with the 3 of them because it’s not very safe for 2 year olds prone to bolting. I told him could go to *Kidscape* instead (which we also refer to as “the close park” since it’s by us.)

So he’s quiet for a bit and then he says, “You know what, Mommy?” (What?) I think they should call *this* park Kid Escape instead of the close park”. I just agreed and saved the explanation that it’s “Kidscape” not Kid *Escape* for another day.

A more recent one…

We were in Toronto and finally made it up the CN Tower after having plans to do so be foiled by weather on two previous trips. Of course, the boys were suitably impressed with the spectacular view. On the way down, DS2 says “Mommy, I know why they call it the CN Tower”. Me: Really? Why? Because you are so high up you can see everything. It took me a minute to realize that he thinks it is the “Seeing Tower”. Again, he was feeling so clever I just let him continue to think that.


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