The insidious undersea dweller strikes again


Just home from soccer and DS2 and DS3 want snacks.

DS3:  Can I have a Spongebob Gogurt?

Me: Sure (we just got these – have only had the regular ones before, not the SBSP ones)

DS3 opens it and takes a bite (I keep them frozen)

DS2: What does it taste like?

DS3:  (totally deadpan) Tastes like plankton.

So, even though we’ve declared the house a SBSP-free zone (as in, I blocked the offending channels so he can’t be viewed.  Somehow the little crappy fastfood toys still find their way into our house) for months, his influence lives on.

I suspect that DS3 would be in for quite a surprise should he ever have the opportunity to taste plankton if he thinks the gogurt tastes like it.


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