First bonfire of the year


Usually we wait for a cold front for bonfires. But this last cold front was way too cold so we waited till it left. DH built a fire in the pit soon after dark. We cooked hot dogs over the fire first and then it was S’mores time. The boys all wanted to do their own hot dogs / marshmallows but the skewers we have are just not long enough so that was pretty short-lived. Which I was fine with as having my offspring – who habitually jockey boisterously for position no matter what the activity – crowded around a fire is not especially relaxing for me. But they got to try, anyway, then DH and I took over and everyone was happy, it was all yummy and dinner was accomplished injury-free. We employed a trick learned from my camping veteran niece this summer for making the perfect S’mores. You lay the chocolate on the graham cracker on a pan near the fire so it gets low heat while you’re roasting the marshmallows. Then the chocolate is semi-melted and the graham doesn’t break all to pieces when you bite it – it’s genius, really. Of course, the implementation of this was a bit tricky since we didn’t have those campground-style metal fire enclosures with the handy “warming tray”. But DH improvised a solution (as men just love to do) which worked well. His motivation was all about the problem-solving, though, not about making the perfect S’more since his rating of them as a treat was, and I quote “I can’t imagine anything more disgusting”. Good. More for me. 😀

But we all had fun and these activities are much more relaxing for me now that I don’t have to keep such a close eye on the boys’ every move. It’s nice to have them old enough to grasp the idea that falling into the fire would be exceedingly unpleasant.

At one point a rabbit came out of the trees about 20 yards away. The boys wanted to see how close to it they could get so off they went. It was pretty funny to watch the 3 of them acting like the stealth crew – “stealth” is really not an area in which they excel. Particularly as a group. Apparently, they did get pretty close – I’m sure the rabbit is used to them running about shrieking. Plus, we’d put out lots of food scraps etc. in those trees over the last week or so. Mr Rabbit was likely disinclined to go far from the buffet.

Then there was the frisbee in the dark game. No one got a frisbee in the teeth and there were no head-on collisions so that’s good. And I’m always in favor of them running out their energy before going back indoors. It was getting pretty cold by then and they could see their breath – enough of a novelty that they are entertained for some time with that whole thing.

It was DH’s night for bathing and bedtime so I would’ve happily stayed out by myself staring into the fire. But once I got inside I found the 6 things I’d left unfinished and then I turned on the NH debates and decided I’d rather be actually warm vs. being toasty on the front and freezing on the back.

A fun time, though. Bonfire nights are one of those things that help me feel better about having chosen to live in the boonies. It also reminded me that I should plan a weekend camping trip in the vicinity of the Space Coast – get some use out of that big tent I got last summer.


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