RAOK where you’d least expect it

I have a good friend who is from WI.  Her and I frequently bemoan the glaring lack of common courtesy one encounters multiple times daily when living in South Florida.  Which we both do, reluctantly.  Yesterday it came up again as we’d both just returned from holiday trips.  The things we mutually dislike about Life in South Florida tend to be more noticeable after you’ve gotten away from them for awhile.   She mentioned a Trip to WallyWorld – that most hated of all retail experiences (OK, I realize some people love to go there and that all Walmarts do not suck as much as mine and hers apparently do.  So, by “most hated” I mean by me, not necessarily universally).   The peeve du jour was the fact that nearly everyone there consistently has total disregard for the Express Lane guidelines – including the staff.
But is not about bad behavior.  It’s about good behavior – specifically, random acts of kindness  (for anyone still scratching their head over the acronym in the title – and you know who you are -D ).  I just feel compelled to make note of it in light of our discussion.   Offset the bitching and moaning a bit.

Tonight I was forced to break my Successfully Shopping Walmart-Free streak of more months than I can count in hopes of finding a specific item that was not to be found elsewhere.  It was just past  the time everything else closes – typically, rush-hour at the 24 hour Walmart. In my experience, under those circumstances you can reasonably expect something along the lines of a real-life feature presentation of The Very Worst of WalMart Shopping.

So, I’m anticipating much aggravation and rudeness and thinking of my conversation of the day before while trying to park.  I find a well-lit spot that’s close enough but just as I come up to it and start to turn into it I realize someone has left their shopping cart right in the middle of the spot so as to make it unavailable to anyone riding on 4 wheels.   (See above on lack of common courtesy)

So, I stop and just as I’m going to back out – possibly (probably?) showing my aggravation on my face a guy who was had just got out of the car next to the spot, sees what I’m doing and walks back around his car to get the shopping cart and move it out of the spot for me.  So there you have it – a total stranger going out of their way to be helpful .   And at WalMart during the witching hour of all things.

It’s probably a sad commentary on my perspective and expectations of random people in public that I was so very (pleasantly) surprised by this action.  It was one of those “wow, never would’ve expected that” moments.


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