uh oh. The packrat gene has surfaced


in my firstborn. Well, to be honest, I’ve known for some time that he’s “blessed” with this charming character trait. Like, since about the time he threw a hissy, as only a 3 year old can, when I (strongly) discouraged his plan to save all the junkmail in his own special junk mail stash bin. It’s been dormant for awhile now, though.

To be fair it’s not a mystery where he got it from. I am a carrier of this gene myself. I just actively resist letting it manifest itself in my life. To the point that I’m very anti-packrat because, well, I have a tendency to do things to one extreme or another. So, it was with cringing and gritted teeth (on the inside, anyway) that I just smiled and said “fine” when he announced that he’d like to keep all the cards that anyone in the family gets from now on. I asked what he was going to do with these cards and he just shrugged and said “keep them all in their own bin.”

Sigh. I might as well just start drawing up plans for the storage shed right now.


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