Drought Relief: 1


Boys on the beach after bedtime watching a meteor shower: 0

😦  So, the weather interfered with our plans.  There is supposed to still be some decent meteor activity still tonight.  But it’s still cloudy and rainy so, who knows.  Not to mention DS2&3 have a music program at the preschool tonight.  That plus a trip to the beach  after dark to hang out and watch the heavens might be just a little too much fun in one day for everyone.  Maybe me, in particular.

Of course, if it’s the least bit clear I will be pestered to death to go watch so I suppose I might as well plan for that.  Last night there was some significant reluctance to believe me that pouring rain = cloudy skies = no view of meteor shooting through the atmosphere.  Yes, the clouds *are* between us and the meteors.  (One would certainly hope, anyway!)


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