You know that stage


where the parent knows, essentially, nothing.  And then sometime later on in life the parent gradually gets pretty smart again.  Typically sometime not long after the child is out on their own and having to actually fend for themselves.  Doesn’t every parent / child pair goes through this to some degree for a number of the teen years – maybe even into the twenties?

Well, I suspect I might reach that “gawd, Mom.  Don’t you know *anything*??” stage a little sooner than I might have expected with DS1 – my little brainiac.  I actually first realized this the day he came home from first grade and gave me a pop quiz on the 5 types of vertebrates.   I did not do so well on that.  But I was reminded of this suspicion recently when we had this conversation.  Again, driving home from school – usually the time of day when all his mental circuits are cookin’ with gas and mine are mostly just fried.

Him: Mom let’s play guess the animal.

Me: OK.  you think of one and I’ll guess

Him: OK, I got one. (waits for me to guess)
Me:  Well, you’re going to have to give me a hint to narrow it down a bit (thinking to myself “or this is going to be one loooong guessing game”)

Him: It’s microscopic.

At this point you could just go ahead and picture me with a blank look and a big cartoon-like question mark floating over my head.   An orange one.
Me: well, how about an amoeba.

Him: Nope.  Guess again.

Me:  Well, actually, I can’t really think of anything else it could be that would be microscopic.

Him: (big sigh) OK, well, I’m not sure if it’s exactly microscopic.   It was zooplankton.

I guess sticking to something one might find at a zoo or a farm or in the jungle or the forest would just be too easy.


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