Two loose teeth


DS3 comes running in this morning with his finger in his mouth saying (through his hand) “look Mom, look”. It took a minute but then I realized he was showing me that his tooth was loose. Of course, my boys being the way they are my first thought was if he’d fallen recently or gotten hit in the mouth. After all, I was away last weekend and it’s just the sort of thing DH would neglect to tell me. Then I realized it was two!!

OK, I am so not the mom to bemoan my “babies growing up too fast”. I’m totally in favor of it. I enjoy the highly interactive, creative, self-propelled, communicative, own-butt-wiping, self-entertaining, through-the-night-sleeping versions of my children much more than the previous not-doing-those-things stages.

But I was (and am!) totally not ready for that! He’s only 4 (well, for a bit yet, anyway). DS1 was through Kindy when he lost his first tooth. Of course, to make matters worse, DS2 thinks he should have a loose tooth, also. Given that they have so far been the “different as day and night in every possible way” twins, I have no reason to think that DS2 will do this on an even remotely similar time-table. Time to start practicing my “everybody is different” speech in all its variations.

And I better make sure I remember exactly what the tooth fairy left with each tooth for DS1. Because I’m 100% certain DS1 will. And he’ll be registering official complaints should there be any hint of inequity.

Tonight I put on Christmas music for the boys when they were going to sleep. All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth came on. SIL was here today with neice K. SIL was singing that song and telling DS3 that Grandpa would be singing it to him (repeatedly) at Christmas. So when it came on the stereo in the boys room, after lights are out and it’s all quiet, I hear DS3 muttering emphatically “I just hate that song”. Perfect. This should be good for the trademark DS3 High Drama Hissy Fit. Luckily, the HDHF is generally short-lived and easily de-railed into laughing.


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