DS2’s latest idea of fun


DS2 will come running in from outside saying “I have to go potty”.  Naturally, this matter is not attended to – like, ever – until it reaches emergency status.  However, suddenly, he has to stop if he sees me en route and say “Guess!”  I’m supposed to then respond with either “pee” or “poop”.  If I get it wrong, I have to guess again (fortunately, there are only 2 choices in this game so it’s mercifully short).  If I get it right he shouts “right!” with such great fanfare and enthusiasm you’d think I’d just won a trip around the world.

Ah, the bizarre workings of the 4 y.o. mind.  No one tells you you’re going to end up playing the “guess the pending bodily function” game when you decide to have a baby.   Of course, there are many, many things no one warns tells you about before you actually go  ahead and strap yourself in for that roller coaster ride of parenting.


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