As if I didn’t hate the paper clip guy enough


you know, that annoying little animated paper clip in the M$ Office Suite products. Turns out he’s got an evil cousin. Orange Number 5. Yup, just as annoying. Even if he is sporting the auto-insurance-selling gecko’s accent.

Oh, and I like the gecko. He’s cute. And funny.  He regularly makes me want to switch insurance carriers.

The possibility of Mr. Orange Five being my built-in “assistant” in using this software would keep me from trying it even if a) converting my tried-and-true and perfectly functional bookkeeping software to something new seemed like a good idea b) I was a fan of bloated software suites or c) I had a personal goal to use as many M$ products in my daily life as possible. Fortunately, I’m safe from that temptation since options a, b and c are all 180 degrees from the truth.

It’s only a matter of time, though, before my curiosity gets the best of me and I’m forced to google to find out if Mr. Gecko’s voice is, in fact, done by the same dude as Mr. 5


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