Reason for not going to sleep #42


DH put the boys to bed about an hour ago. I go out to the dining room to do some work at the table and hear the telltale noises of small feet that were in bed a minute ago and are now in the hall. Looking over, sure enough, there is DS3 peeking with one eye into the kitchen from the hall.

Me: What are you doing up?

DS3: I can’t sleep

Me: How come?

DS3: Because my brain is talking to me too much.


As I type this, he just appeared in my office doorway. I guess the Christmas music / glow stick / my special teddy bear that is off-limits for playing with incentive plan has failed. We will now move to “take your pillow and lay on the couch and try to fall asleep” musical sleeping spots game.

Any odds on whether this child ends up in my bed tonight?


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