A well-developed sense of fun


DS2 is Mr. Fun. He was born with a twinkle in his eye and delights in nothing more than mischief and a good laugh. It seems that perhaps his sense of fun took up all the brain space normally allocated to the development of a healthy sense of fear and the idea that some things in life are, in fact, serious. Naturally, there is an up side and a down side to this. The down side of not taking things seriously is, well, he doesn’t take anything seriously.

This is about the upside, though. For starters, I’m 100% certain that he’ll never be a worrier. Nor do I think stress will ever be an issue for him. Mostly, though, the boy just makes me laugh with almost everything he does. He’s just funny.

To illustrate this point, exhibit A (in two parts). Video from a recent Target shopping trip, the purpose of which was to make good on a bribe incentive program. So, we were hanging out in the toy aisle where much negotiation was going on with everyone trying to decide which toy they would choose. DS2 discovers this totally pimped-out toy car … turn up the sound for the full amusement value.

This was shot from my phone so the video is really bad. But it makes me laugh just the same. This show went on for about 10 minutes, just pushing the button over and over. Naturally, I had to go back the next day and buy that car. It now sits on the top shelf of my closet waiting for Christmas. I’m sure we’ll all learn to hate “who let the dogs out”. Here’s hoping there are no requests for that to be put on the driving playlist on my ipod. ‘Cause it ain’t happenin’.


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