Doggy, let’s play booty crash


DS2 and DS3 were “sneaking” up to my office last night to say goodnight.  I say “sneaking” because I heard them from 40 feet.  Rather than hearing the customary “BOO!” as they jump into the doorway, I heard this “Doggy, let’s play booty crash”.  Which, of course, I just had to go observe.

Why “doggy”?  Well, that is because DS3 has been pretending to be a dog for, oh, the last 19 weeks or so.  All.The.Time.  Well, ok, presumably he knocks it off at least some of the time at preschool.  But, he is a dog named Rarfy.  And he refers to his meals as doggie food etc.  Much to the chagrin of DS1 who is more than a little tired of the routine.

But, anyway… the thing is, if you’re really looking for him to cooperate with something, your odds go way up if you address him as Rarfy or Doggy.  So, presumably, DS2 was just trying to play the odds and increase his chances of playing booty crash at the moment.  Naturally, I just had to find out what that would entail, exactly.

So, there they are in the hall about 6 feet apart facing away from each other.  They’re a little bent over with their butts sticking out in the direction of the other.  On cue, DS2 starts making his “heavy equipment backing up” cautionary beeping noise while DS3 is saying “boo-tay… boo-tay”… “boo-tay” and they backup quickly till … well, yeah, they crash butts.  Of course.  What else could it be?

This is, of course, followed by collapsing in a heap together on the floor and laughing hysterically.  I guess I should enjoy the easily-amused phase while it lasts.   I do realize that they will, of course, embarrass me in public with this at some point.  At the time, though, I cracked up.


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