Funny things they say


when they aren’t awake.

DS2 sleeptalks.  A lot.  I’ve finally figured this out and stopped running into his room when I hear voices calling out in the night and then nothing.  He’s also not a good waker-upper.  Aren’t they supposed to wait till the teen years (or at least close to them) before you have to move heaven and earth every morning in order to roust them from their bed?

Anyway, the other morning I’m trying to wake him up and he says something about birds.  I didn’t understand it so I asked him to repeat it.  Nothing.  And he’s given no indication, other than that, of being anywhere in the vicinity of awake yet.  I continue trying to get a response when he says, clear as day, “well, now, what in the heck am I going to do with all these penguins?”  LOL.  I bet he was glad to wake up and realize he didn’t actually have to solve that problem.


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