A 7 year old learns about the need


for redundancy.
DH’s job has been torturing us all lately – him because, well, they’re calling constantly all hours of day and night.  He’s worked his 40 hours at least twice in the past week.  Me, because I don’t especially enjoy single parenting.  I’m starting to have violent physical reactions each time that phone goes off.  OK, that might be a slight exaggeration but I certainly feel like having one.  Like throwing it in a canal, for instance.  And the boys because they’ve barely seen him for a week and most of when they have it’s been sitting at his computer sighing and muttering under his breath.

So, DS1 asks me the other day why Daddy has been working so much.  I try to explain the scope of a global financial services company then explain to him that all these millions of  transactions originate, or flow through in some way, this one fortress-like building that is supposed to never lose power.  Except it did and the fallout continues still now – seven days later.

DS1 absorbs all this and being the little capitalist that he is and having me – who does not believe in cash – for his mother, knows all about how credit cards work.  When I’m done explaining this he says “well maybe they should have, like, 3 or 5 different batteries or electricity lines hooked together so that if one goes out they’d still have power and this wouldn’t happen.”

Yes, I was quite proud that when presented with the problem, my son figured out that redundancy is the answer.  I thought maybe Daddy should see about get him a consulting role with him employer.  😀

(Turns out the large financial company that shall go unnamed had already thought of that.  Too bad the switches between power sources were not made redundant.)


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