I’m a slacker mom and I don’t care


<sung to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn>

So, it’s finally cool enough to play outdoors without coming inside every five minutes saying it’s too hot out. That, and the first day I can open the windows (without dying) are when I declare it to be the Official Best Day of the Entire Year.

It is with enormous pleasure that I announce that day to be yesterday. So, today is Monday. All the boys have homework (yes, even the 4 y.o.’s in preschool have homework. What, exactly, is this world coming to??). I sent them out “for 10 minutes” to play while I cleaned up the kitchen so we could then have everyone do homework in an environment that didn’t closely resemble shambles.

Well, it’s been 45 minutes. They are out there playing and laughing and shrieking and, most importantly, NOT fighting and bickering. It’s 30 minutes till bathtime and we haven’t eaten. Or even looked at the afore-mentioned homework. And I don’t care. I think sometimes you just gotta let the boys run. Bedtime will wait. Homework will get done at some point.

If I weren’t a slacker mom, I would care about bedtime schedules and work before play, and being consistent and making sure that 10 minutes means 10 minutes etc. But I am. So I don’t. 😀 Tomorrow I might. But right now, I don’t.


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