I’m gonna have to assume this is an April Fool’s gag


that just keeps on giving.

Two days a week my schedule is such that I am attempting to work in two hour chunks while sitting in Starbucks or other wifi hotspots in between taking children here and there. For the record, I am no where near organized and disciplined enough to do this effectively. Also, in case anyone is wondering, no, there are not any Starbucks or Panera’s in western Palm Beach county with an environment conducive to making phone calls. Which is unfortunate for me, since that is, essentially, what I do for a living. Talk on the phone.

So, in one of my little between-run blocks of “work” (and I use the term loosely) time, I decide it would work better for me to have wireless broadband and just go sit in a park where I could at least make calls. So I google “wireless broadband” to try to find out what my options are and just exactly how much cheaper subscribing would be than my extra 6 grande lattes / week. (Turns out, it’s about the same. But I think the wireless broadband would have significantly fewer adverse health effects. Plus, it’s tax deductible. I’m pretty sure lattes that I consume by myself while surfing social networks, blogs and message boards are not.)

So, I see in the results a hit for google’s new free wireless broadband. I’m thinking wow – what’s the catch? So, I clicked.


bwahahaha. Good one. Almost as good as NPR’s “story” about the USPS offering the option to buy a “prestigious zip code” or something like that. Even funnier, the support forum is still going strong – presumably 6+ months later. I’ve heard google is a fun place to work.

(No, I’m not going to give it away.  You have to click the link.)


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