My inner geek


got very excited by my daily deals email from  They’ve got an external hard drive on sale.  Of course, that is not unusual.  But this one is 2 TB.  In a slick-looking case.  As silly as it is, I cannot help getting a few little butterflies in my tummy at the very thought.  Two Terrabytes.  <geeklust>.  That is, like, <countingonfingers> 20,000 times the hard drive as my first computer.  Which, at the time, was awesome.  It amuses me now to remember that my thought, at the time was “wow, I could never fill up 120MB.”  Bwahaha.  Never say never.  The lesson we learn here is that hard drives are like closets.  It doesn’t matter how big they are, you *will* eventually need a bigger one. 

 Of course, I’m not going to buy the 2TB drive, as exciting as it is.  I (currently) have no conceivable need for that (but give me time, and I will).  But, just the idea of knowing that I *could* have 2 TB sitting on my desk just makes me weak in the knees. 



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