The Riding Bike on Two Wheels Fairy


Yup, you read that correctly. Apparently, the tooth fairy has a much less-well-known cousin. This fairy, like the tooth fairy, leave money under pillows also when this important milestone is reached. Interestingly, if two boys reach this milestone the same day but one does significantly better that the other, this fairy seems much more of the capitalist sort than it’s more socialist cousin. This fairy will leave 3 quarters for one boy and 1 quarter for his brother who gave up easily and went to watch tv rather than sticking with it till he could start by himself, ride the length of the drive, turn around by himself and ride back (“and I didn’t even have to put my feet down”). The one quarter brother may then collapse in dramatic fashion while announcing the unfairness of being rewarded on the basis of what you actually do. At least until he remembers he’s got a shiny new quarter and he should to seeing how far it will roll, how long he can make it spin, etc.

If anyone is wondering why they’ve never heard of this elusive fairy cousin, I have insider information that this fairy only makes it’s appearance in houses where there is a big brother who is entirely convinced of his role as third parent. This, of course, leads me to believe that this said big brother knows exactly what the deal is with the tooth fairy. Of course, being the capitalist that he is (just like the fairy that shows up where he is) he’d likely play along and great convincing fashion till he was 18 if there’s free money involved.


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