Yup, that’s just exactly what I need


A new and fun way to kill more time online when I should be working / sleeping / having a life.  Of course, I have an opinion on nearly everything and dearly love to share them so this is just perfect for me.  😉 


Polls, polls, hundreds of polls.  Anyway.  This amuses me because DH and I have a little inside joke about me and polls.  Whenever we disagree on anything big or small he says “why don’t you take a poll” because I’m prone to doing that sort of thing whether it be polling online communities or random people in our immediate vicinity (which is, really, how this joke originated when we were dating and hanging out a lot).  

I do feel compelled to state that my polls almost always support my position in whatever the debate in question is.  Of course, the exact methodology is not likely to withstand much scrutiny meant to determine the validity of the results. 


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