Conversations with 4 year olds


DS3 is in my office blowing up my exercise ball.  This is a big thrill for them, btw.  Something worth fighting over, as a matter of fact. 

 Anyway, he sees a picture of DH and I from the day before we got married and asks me “when was that picture of Daddy and you from?”  I tell him that was from a long time ago.  Before we had any kids.  After a long pause he says, “but… then… wait.  How could you be a grownup?”

Uh, yeah.  DH and I were (on paper, anyway) grownups for a looooong time before we had kids.  So, then, he asks me how long has it been since I was one.  Then how long since Daddy was one.  Then he says “so… are you going to have anymore birthdays?”  Well, gee.  I certainly hope so.  Getting older does suck in many ways but it still beats the alternative!


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