Shh, don’t tell Daddy


Tuesday is pancake morning.  No one is going to let it go by.  Well, OK, DS2 and DS3 do not generally keep track of what day of the week it is.  DS2 in particular.  He still asks me at least 4 times a week if tomorrow is a school day and he’s been out of (pre)school since June 1.

But DS1 knows.  And one simply does not cancel pancake morning.  So, this morning I realize there is no syrup.  I could swear I put the bottle in the fridge at least half full very recently but, as we’ve previously established, my memory sucks. 

We do, however, have some of that chocolate syrup meant to top sundaes.  At this moment, post breakfast, we have significantly less of it than we did about a half hour ago.  It was a hit.  I’m probably going to pay for this in the long run.  A price will be exacted for this little parenting improvisation.  The currency will be pestering.

They may turn darker shades of brown later today as I’d already given them large cups of chocolate milk when they got up because it expired yesterday and needed to be used up. 

Remarkably, there is peace in the playroom even with all that early morning (well, morning, anyway)  chocolate consumption.  Which is more than could be said yesterday after a healthy breakfast.  So, I guess chocolate really does have magical properties.  Not that I didn’t already know this.


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