Put an extra scoop in my coffee


Yesterday’s excitement turned into last night’s lost sleep.

I took the boys to the pool yesterday to practice their newly-learned (DS2 and 3) swimming skills.  When we got home, I went inside and soon had DS1 telling me there was a lost dog “over in Daddy’s garden” (which is the far end of the yard).

Sure enough, there is a very cute, blonde-colored dog out there playing with the boys when I go out.  The boys had a blast playing with her all evening while DH and I tried to figure out how we can get her back where she belongs. 

Finally, bedtime rolls around, we convince the boys that she needs to go to sleep, too, get them settled etc.  DH had set her up on the patio with a bed, food water etc.  Unfortunately, I am a complete pushover and a sucker (even though, having grown up on a farm, I frequently inwardly roll my eyes at people who go overboard on the pampering of pets / animals.  Turns out I’m -><- this close to being one).  I was feeling bad about leaving her out there all alone so I raised the idea of letting her inside.  DH just did his “cautionary tale” thing of “you know, she might… “.  Having also done some googling of pugs – which she appears to be – and reading that they don’t do well in the heat and shouldn’t be left outdoors, I just let her in. 

Then I noticed she was doing a lot of scratching and biting at herself (although she appears very healthy and well taken care of).  Uh oh.  I know nothing about dogs, really, but I was pretty sure I should try not to have one with fleas running all over my house and on my furniture, etc.   But I don’t have the heart to put her back outside. 

So I set her up in the laundry room.  I tried barricading the door 3 different ways (too bad I got rid of the baby gates!) but toy bins, ironing boards, laundry hampers and me are, apparently, no match for the houdini ways of this dog.  I felt bad closing the door since it would be more open and not completely dark with the kitchen night light but after the 3 successful doggie breakouts… closed door it was. 

She quieted down quickly, and I was playing at the computer waiting to see if she stayed settled.  She did so I got worried about whether she was OK because she was too quiet.  I go check, she hears me, makes more attempts to get out (this includes, of course, crying to make me feel bad).   I wait till she settled again, worry because she too quiet… etc.  Hmm…. reminds me of having newborns. 

By 2 a.m I she’s fine and I’ve turned into one of those crazy pet people and it’s time to go to bed.  By then, DH’s work had him on a call.  (Again… another post.  Probably one I should keep private.)  I mention she’s in the laundry room.  He makes a comment about that being much darker and more claustrophobic, so I feel bad and go crack the door a little so there’s a little light. 

And she gets out.  So, I put her back.  Then I decide to leave more lights on in the kitchen (opposite the laundry room door) so it’s not so dark.  This was, apparently, an indication to her that someone was up and about and she should complain loudly to gain sympathy (and, hence, release).  At some point, I actually got to sleep although DH was still on the computer / phone in the room. 

Now I’ve been able to sleep to 8:30 – 9 every day with summer holidays.  The ability to sleep in is a wonderful and long-awaited milestone in my children’s development.  One I’ve been enjoying immensely.  But not today.  I jumped out of bed at 6:30 feeling bad for the dog and needing to make sure she was OK. 

So, now I’m drinking my extra strength Starbucks and remembering what functioning on 3 hours of sleep feels like.  And checking the morning classifieds for a lost dog notice.  After I get dressed I’m going to look for posters on telephone polls.  And call animal rescue.  With any luck, I will again sleep in tomorrow.

Note to self:  While it is very, very cute and 0 to watch the boys playing with the dog this does not necessarily mean that you should get one.    0 


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