A happy ending in the story of Bitsey


Or “Better Living Through Technology”.

 The Cliff’s Notes:  took the dog to Petsmart where they have an instore vet clinic.  Picked out a $20 leash (to help insure that her owner would be found… the more money I spent on her, I figured, the less likely we would be to keep her) to keep her from leaping out of my arms in the store.

Went to the counter and after a couple tries a chip was found and scanned.  The dog belonged to a family a little less than a mile from my house.  I dropped her off on the way home but asked if I could bring the boys by so they would undertand that she already had a home and a family.  I went home, brought them back.  The dad gave them all popsicles and it was all good. 

Of course, now I’ve got getting a dog on the brain.  And so do the boys.  DH and I had a discreet discussion about it and decided that, yes, the boys should have a dog.  But, this isn’t the year with so much travel planned.  Particularly given that it is the one year we’re gone for Christmas. 

Of course, immediately following Christmas are birthdays.  All of them.   

Look at that.  Birthday gifts taken care of.  Aren’t I ahead of the game.  Of course, choosing the actual dog will take much more time than birthday gift shopping ever has, no doubt.  And I’ll probably still buy them more stuff anyway.  Still.  I’m sort of excited about the plan.  The best part is I have 6 months to change my mind without them ever being the wiser. 

Must remember not to go and say something to them.  Keeping secrets for a long time is not so much a strength of mine.


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