A fun getaway with a remarkable after-effect


I must try really hard not to procrastinate indefinitely a real post on our trip.  For the moment, it will have to suffice that it was a 4 day wonderful getaway to visit DH’s sister.   It served well to remind me yet again of how much easier life is with a 7 year old and two 4 year olds vs… well, vs. anything that came before in the parenthood-of-three phase of my life. 

The point, at the moment, though is just that right now, at 10:45 DS1 is still sleeping.  (Of course, I’ve felt compelled to check for breathing about 8 times already.) 

I, myself, slept till after 9:00 when DS3 – aka Mr. Earlybird – strolled in.  Nine o’clock!  That is, like, the before-kids equivalent of sleeping past noon.


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