The most tormented lizards on the planet


live in my yard. 

 The boys, DS2 in particular, are completely fascinated by them.  Of course, this fascination is very much the hands-on type.  They are constantly catching them and collecting them in pails and trying to feed them whatever they think lizards should eat.  One day, they tried to give a captive lizard (although, I’m sure they think of the lizard as a guest at their lizard spa in a bucket rather than as a captive) a Starburst.   Because everyone knows that reptiles (or are they amphibians… whatever) just love chewy, sugary lumps of corn syrup and artificial coloring. 

 Just now, I had to rescue one from the inner workings of a toy that shoots a stack of glow-in-the-dark foam circles.  I’m 100% certain the lizard did not appreciate my efforts nor understand that I was, in fact, rescueing him from a horrible fate (for both him and the toy.  Toys with lizard guts inside of them get retired to the landfill. 

 What is that saying about “boys are … the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket”.  Or lizard in its toy.  Whichever.  I guess I should make sure I check the pockets in today’s laundry.


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