A well-lived life


Grandpa F was my SIL’s husband’s father and the first grandparent my son knew given that his natural grandparents live in other countries.   He was one of the most delightful and remarkable people I have ever known.  He lived with SIL and BIL for most of the first 4 years of DS1’s life.  He was there the day we brought the babies home from the hospital and the inlaws brought the party to our house so that we could celebrate DS1’s 3rd birthday, just in time.

 Grandpa F would have turned 100 this August.  He lived a very long, productive and full life so in his passing today, there truly can be no regrets.  Still, I am so very sad.  He moved back up north over two years ago and had been in perfect health until recently.  DS1 has talked of him a few times recently.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that he died.  I suppose I will do that soon but I will wait till I can tell him without getting so upset myself.  I don’t think me crying when I tell him is going to make it easier for DS1. 

DS2 and 3 are too young to remember his.  They were almost 1 the last Christmas that Grandpa F spent with us.  I have wished numerous times since then that he’d stayed down here and that DS2 and 3 could have known him as “Grandpa F”, also.

Rest in peace, Grandpa F.  I can only hope to live my life as fully and well as you did.  I hope they have a good single malt scotch where you are.


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