Mr Literal


For the past few weeks, DS1 has been on the ultra-literal kick.  I find it simultaneously amusing and beat-my-head-on-a-wall-annoying. 


Driving to school, I’m trying to get him to eat something.  Just before dropoff, I say “DS1, is your banana in your tummy?”  I’m waiting for a yes, here since I saw him eating it.  DS1 “No”.  Me: “Huh? I saw you eating it.”  DS1 “Well, the peel is not in my tummy.  And the yucky part at the bottom is not in my tummy”.

2.  In my office (which resembles the aftermath of a natural disaster) I’m explaining that all the crap laying about is my stuff and “there’s nothing in the this office that you boys should be touching”.  DS1: “Nothing?” Me: “nope, nothing”.  DS1: “The air?  The floor?” 

This is the part where you could go ahead and visualize me beating my head on the desk / wall.  I think I’ll add to this post as he continues with it so that someday I’ll look back and find it amusing.  I guess this ability would serve him well in, say, cross-examination.   Although, the phrase “badgering the witness” leaps to mind.


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