Bootcamp – survived


DS2 was in bed with me this morning.  I love it when I wake up and find that, unbeknownst to me, a child got up in the night, came to our room and climbed in bed next to me. 

 I love it because it means that I’ve re-learned how to sleep without always having one ear open.   As in, actually sleeping.  It’s just more evidence that I’ve survived parenting bootcamp and I get a little thrill out of knowing it every time. 

So, even though, I nearly fainted when I saw their preschool pics yesterday and wondered who these big, grownup looking boys resembling my babies were I do not for one moment want to turn back the clock.  Once was enough and I’m enjoying normal sleep once more.

Of course, waking up with a snuggly kid is wonderful, too.  Even if he’s way bigger than I think he could possiby be already.


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