Now that would be a useful search engine


Yesterday, after I picked DS1 up from school he had, as usual, 9000 questions for which I do not have (and probably never have had) an answer stored in my brain. Things that require knowledge of all manner of historical detail…

So, we talk about how the great thing about computers is that whatever questions he has, he can just type it into google and get all kinds of information and answers about anything he wonders about.

About 30 seconds later, I realize I’m heading on a route to DS2/DS3’s school that is not the way I wanted to go (traffic, construction, etc) so I mutter to myself “Why am I going this way?” DS1 pipes up “if you want to know, you can just type it in google”.

 Yeah. If only google worked that way. Maybe I could ask it where my phone charger is, too.


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